Prep'd Blog

  • Prepping Bento bowls

    We are Prepping Viv with Prep'd! 2 lunches and 2 dinners! What you need: Using Prep'd budget of $30:  Meatballs Edamame Rice  Extras ( optional ...
  • Prepping Summer barbie - with Prep'd

    Its hot and the need to jump on the grill and keep food as simple as possible is a must! Because your Prep'd is pre-seasoned/marinaded & pre-...
  • Energy Expenditure

    Whats more important – Diet or Exercise?

    We’ve all heard the saying before right, it’s 80% diet and 20% exercise. Wrong… It’s 100% diet and 100% exercise. Both are of equal importance for health and fat loss. If we revert back to the energy balance equation (see below) both diet AND exercise will have an impact on the overall effectiveness of the plan.

  • Socialising over Summer

    The festive season is fast approaching and we’re either feeling nervous or excited for what’s coming – social events, bubbly and platters. Let’s explain how you can reduce the nerves and ensure every decision you make gets you exited! There are two approaches you can take – a goal focused approach or a flexible approach.