Socialising over Summer

The festive season is fast approaching and we’re either feeling nervous or excited for what’s coming – social events, bubbly and platters. Let’s explain how you can reduce the nerves and ensure every decision you make gets you exited! There are two approaches you can take – a goal focused approach or a flexible approach. 

Focused Approach: this is perfect for those on the Lifestyle Result plan. You still want to smash your goals but have a little bit of room for flexibility. Let’s use the 80:20 protocol – 80% on plan, 20% to enjoy a treat or two. Here are three simple ways you can use this: 

  1. Christmas lunches – use this as your fortnightly planned meal-off.
  2. Staff drinks – one-two standard alcoholic beverages then opt for sugar free soda. Jump straight back on plan the next day.
  3. Platters everywhere – replace one of your snacks to enjoy one small treat then jump back on plan.

Flexible Approach: this is perfect for those on the Lifestyle Change plan. You just want to enjoy the season without going too overboard. Here are three simple guidelines:

  1. Christmas lunches – enjoy the food but refer to your handguide to make better portion size choices.
  2. Staff drinks – be reasonable with intake and then ease back onto plan the next day.
  3. Platters everywhere – enjoy two-three treats then jump back on plan.

At the end of the day, it’s about confidently making choices around your goals that you will be happy and satisfied with. If your goal is to stay on track, knuckle down and go with the focused approach. If your goals are to just maintain good habits, use the flexible approach. Whatever approach you take, we 100% support. Tis’ the season!

An example of both approaches, let’s use a common holiday favourite, Ambrosia:

Focused approach: estimate 1/2 – 1 cup and use plain options (plain yoghurt and plain dark chocolate)

Flexible approach: eat until satisfied and get creative with flavoured options (flavoured yoghurt and flavoured dark chocolate)

Balanced Platter

Basic guideline – use a combined calorie count of your two allocated snacks.



–                 Type: your choice (for a festive visual, use a variety of different crackers).

–                 Portion: 1 row of crackers OR 2-3 bigger sized crackers


–                 Type: seasonal is more accessible (berries, melons, grapes, stone fruit, etc).

–                 Portion: handful


–                 Type: carrot sticks, celery sticks, cucumber sticks, cherry tomatoes


Meat options: smoked salmon and shaved deli meat

–                 Portion: palm size serving or enough to fit on your crackers

Meat alternatives: Quorn nuggets, fried tempeh and roasted chickpeas

–                 Portion: palm size serving or enough to fit on your crackers


Skinny dipped almonds: 9 almonds

Chocolate Bark: 1 piece

Hummus and Greek dressing: thumb sized portion

Olives: 1 third of a jar is a standard serving size


Focused Platter

Basic guideline – enjoy the moment and get creative


–                 Variety of sweet and savoury foods

–                 Variety of meat based and vegetarian based options

–                 Use snack foods that you can pair together. E.g. Crackers + cheese OR crackers + ham OR fruit + cheese OR fruit + chocolate, etc.

–                 Use foods that can stay fresh when left uncovered for 3-4+ hours

–                 Separate foods appropriately. Don’t place smoked salmon next to chocolate OR ham next to fruit, etc.